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did another hour at 30F this morning

and the double mylar bivvy is not adequate at such a temp.. It would get you thru the night unharmed, by exercising often, but you'd get no rest. The double mylar bivvy handles 40F very well tho.

I've found that it's VERY important to have a cloth(shemagh)around my face and then around my neck, pressed up against the breathing hole, to keep my body-warmed air from leaking out of the bivvies. I swiftly feel smothered if I dont have my face pressed up against the breathing hole. I can't even stand one layer of the shemagh over my nose. I can tolerate it over my mouth (just barely) Without that, there's too much moisture in the bag, long term. So the zipper has to be open right where my mouth and nose are.

The non-breathable mylar outer bivvy is a touch too fragile. The tyvek is tougher. It causes a lot of condensation but that's acceptable for the outer bag. I'll test it next. it's also considerably cheaper than the $25 SOL 2 person emergency bivvy.

I dont recall if I've got enough of the tyvek left to make such a bivvy. If not, I'll have to get some more from amazon or ebay. I've forgotten where I got it, 2 years ago.
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1 Hour, lolololololol You are joking right?
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Originally Posted by Garand View Post
1 Hour, lolololololol You are joking right?
in the field, I give him three days. One if the weather gets dicey.
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