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recounted the inner strands of rope in hammock

in good light, and with my glasses on, this time. There's 44 of the threads. 4 of them, twisted, are strong enough to hold waterfowl at 3" mesh, or big fish. as long as you dont try to lift large masses of them, which I couldn't do anyway on the alone show.

The sellers claim that each two person hammock has 1500 ft of rope in it. saving 100 ft of the rope for camp needs, that's still 1400 x 11, which is 15,600. ft. If I skipped the weaving in of the splits of local vegetation, I could still make almost 900 sq ft of 1.5" mesh netting out of the hammock. That would require very little of the 20x20 tarp to be made into netting, now that I've though of the baited, rectangular pen and seine idea. Say, 300 sq ft of seine, leaves 300 sq ft for each side of the pen. Figure an average depth of 4 ft and that's 70 ft length of pen. if the seine is 5 ft wide, it can be 60 ft long, which means that I can use it to sweep thru a 40 ft wide pen. 75x40 is 3000 sq ft of pen size, x 4 ft of water, is 12,000 cubic feet of heavily baited water. you know that every 6 hours during the day and 18 hours during the night, there's going to be at least 10 lbs of fish in that much water, probably twice that, and maybe 4x that much, Seine that pen morning and evening, 7 hour days up there, and you'll catch 600-1200 lbs of fish in a month.

This means that i COULD skip taking the 12x12 tarp, and just make the small tarp shelter out of a chunk of the 20x20 tarp that they give you. They also give you a 10x10 tarp which would let me take the 5000 calories of gorp, to go with the same amount of pemmican. 10,000 calories. The issue then, is do I eat 2000 calories every other day, or 1600 per day. The minnesota starvation experiment says that the former results in less weight loss, but has nothing to say about which better supplies a big man with energy to do a lot of hard work in cold weather.

I'll have to experiment and see which is faster, spread over an entire day, making twice as much 3" mesh, laying one on the other and tying the nets together, or weaving 1.5" mesh in the first place.

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if the depth of water was 4 ft or less and I had, say, 900 sq ft of netting, that would be 220 ft of length. i could say 50m out from a baited point on the shore, pay out the seine from the raft in a half circle around that baited point, using stakes at each end and as I moved the net shoreward, other stakes, and rake in huge poundage of fish. Netting is THE answer to the Alone challenge.

A swan can be up to 20 lbs, twice the size of a goose. since they have about the same diet and living conditions, it's reasonable to assume that a swan has 2x the goose's 7000 calorioes. So it would not take the baited net-weiring of many such fowl to get you to 100,000 calories. There's many times as many 2200 calorie ducks and 1000 calorie sea gulls, so figuring on 100k calories from fowl is very reasonable, IF you dont get to the area to late, the migration being over with. Add 350 lbs of fish (not all that much) and you'll average 2000 calories per day for 100 days. Depending upon how much you're out in the cold, and how hard you work, you'll lose up to half a lb per day on that much food. but maybe only half that much. Fowl, except for the gulls (or so i've heard, anyway) taste a lot better than boiled fish and have a lot more fat in them, along with useful down feathers.
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Must be a boring life to have nothing to do but count threads in rope.
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Originally Posted by BigBassMan View Post
Must be a boring life to have nothing to do but count threads in rope.
Really sad, isn't it?
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why not actually try making this net and get back to us, preferably with pictures. You won't, but it would be interesting to see how reality matches your imagination...

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