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Gunkid & the Great Escape

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u think these fools have any backpacking
experience, when they CLAIM to be able to run and gun with 70 lb loads? They'd twist an ankle within the first hour of their trying such a thing. It's a matter of public record that I escaped from Terry Haute camp, in the middle of February, 1990, and made it to Springfield ILL, in 8 days, dumbass. Nobody gave me a ride. I couldn't risk being noticed by anyone. I walked that 120 miles of RR tracks at night. I had no tent, no ground sheet, no hammock, no poncho. The only sleeping bag I could find was a kid's +50F summer bag. It was so thin that I could literally read a gun magazine thru it, me inside the bag, the mag outside of it. It was one cold SOB, too. The night I left, there was freezing rain. If I hadn't taken those 4 Garbage bags, I'd have been in big trouble.
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Andy's Big Adventure: Part Four: Man in The Wilderness
I wondered why anyone would insist he had committed a crime (escape) when there was no record of it. Odd, to say the least. I talked to an expert on Federal Sentence Computations and gave him a theoretical situation; Could a Federal inmate be sentenced for escape and it not be in the computer record? Yes, computer files are "archived" along with hard copy Central Files after three years of completion of sentence. Normally only current convictions and major convictions are kept current. Would an escape from a Federal facility such as a camp, be kept current? Yes, any escape while in Federal custody with the exception of half-way houses is kept current. Hmmm, half-way houses? I dug a little further. Our boy wonder did catch a 33 month sentence for escape, from a half-way house. Hardly the "man in the wilderness" brilliant escape in February, the coldest month of the year. Who, that had any brains at all, would take on winter weather of that kind with no cold weather gear at all? John's stupid, but even he's not that stupid. He got on the civilian bus like a good little convict and reported to his half-way house. (Furlough Transfer) He then was involved in a theft, which he was prosecuted for later, and also for possession of narcotics, (probably found in his possessions at the half-way house) he then (this IS conjecture) fled to an aquaintances home until he turned himself in to the local police. I wanted to clear all this up, but short of filing an FOIA request, it's about as far as I care to go. Now John, rant and rave and call names, or better still dummy up some paperwork to support your claims, you have done it in the past. I'm not telling everthing I could here, but let's just say John has been a very bad boy with a lot more than selling dope, silencers, and possession of firearms on his sheet. Oh, and the Judge who ordered him into being a "Study Case" stated John's "Flights of Fantasy" necessitated the ruling. Have a nice day, John.
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you ignorant ****. It had broken spring, the robins were back, geese flying north and weather well above freezing in the afternoons. The reason I left when i did is nobody expected anyone to try (yet) and they had a head-count at 9 pm. The longer the days, the less time I'd have, after full dark, til they started looking for me. I had 3 years left to my parole date, dumbass. I was not going to a halfway house AFTER escaping, you ****ing moron. I walked from Terre Haute to Spld, Ill. AFTER I did the rest of my time, I got the halfway house. If you were'nt so stupid, you'd check the DATES. There was no theft case with the feds. That was a misdemeanor state case, possession of stolen ammo, for which I got probation, back in 1982. It had nothing to do with the escape. the narcotics case was after I jumped bond in ILL, dumbass, and ran to CA. check the dates. that was BEFORE the escape, moron.

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