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another retarded thing on utube survival channels

is making fire in the rain. Now WHY would you do that? If it's raining, it CANT be much below 32F degrees and that just aint all that cold! Also, rain doesn't come upon you without warning, at least, not in daytime. If you've got proper gear and clothing, wth would you need a fire?Wth would you be out in the bush without proper kit (when you'r e unable to just march back to your vehicle or home, eh?

At the very least, you'd seek some sort of natural shelter, while wearing your poncho, or you'd set up a complete enclosure, not some half-assed, much too small lean-to, out of a 5x7 ft casualty blanket, that a gusty change of wind would result in your getting soaked. At the very least, set up your hammock and hang a tarp over yourself as an A frame. Why sit on wet ground when you dont have to do so.? You only need one good sized tree from which to hang a sling-chair rig of the net-hammock.

Worst case, no trees, not even poles from which to make tripods from which to hang your hammock, you shake the water off of some sticks, empty your buttpack and daypack into one of your bivvy sacks, while wearing the other one as a poncho. You put the sticks inside of the packs, rig one bivvy as a rain-awning (if not needed to wrap around the other bivvy for warmth) Sit on the buttpack, lean back on the day pack, braced against the x'd (and guyed-out) trekking poles, and wait out the rainstorm.

People are just weak and dont carry the right gear. For a lean-to to be waf, you'd have to carry a 12x12 tarp. and you'd still be sitting or laying on wet ground. Moreover, in order to do so, they carry 3x as much bulk and weight as my far superior gear and clothing kit. :-)

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Please indicate the location of your 1/2 day field exercises into the bush where you gained this valuable wisdom in order for us to get a better perspective.

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