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before u can have efficient physical performance

you have to have efficient THOUGHT and none of the Alone show entrants have done the latter, so they cant do the former. It's not supposed to be hard, and it wouldn't be if they'd take the right stuff and do the right things, in the right order. When you take the same old gear everyone has taken, you're STUCK with doing the same things that they did and they starved-out because of it. There's a HUGE lake full of fish right there and you CAN harvest enough of those fish to feed yourself well. It'll suck, eating 6 lbs of fish per day for 100 days. , but you're being paid $10,000 per day. So chow down on fish and SMILE about it.
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Fried walleye is good. Catfish, take it or leave it, same with bass.
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Efficient thought includes disciplined thought, and attention to details. You can’t even keep related topics together, you can’t post in the correct forum most of the time.

Theory is fine, but until you actually do things you don’t learn how reality changes what you think will happen.

You lack the mental components and abilities to survive.

You being on disability will prevent you from ever being on the show. Your criminal history is also going to be a disqualification.

You might be able to persuade them with videos of you doing the things you claim, but we all know that is impossible - you haven’t actually done any of it. This is clear from your own posts.
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