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chum- lines offer 10x as many fish as u need

and you dont have to have all of them converge at one set of net-pens, either. You can have 4 chum lines per set of net-pens and 2 such sets. This lets you draw in huge numbers of fish. Until freezing weather preserves fish for you, you might well be too busy brine-dipping and smoking fish to do any any trap-setting/servicing, much less hunting. However, the freezing temps will be present within a month and it's going to take you 3 weeks to make and set all of the netting. It might well be that 1/2 of the possible-to-weave 2000 sq ft of netting gives you all the fish you can utilize.

The smell of the smoking fish is highly likely to draw in a bear, so you might not have to hunt for a big critter at all. A very few traps, set to protect your food caches, might well get you a 300 lb bear, which would be 60 lbs of fat, at 3000 calories per lb, and 100 lbs of meat, at 700 calories per lb. and many lbs of marrow, which is 80% fat. That will take you to 100 days, no problem, right there. You can stop fishing at that point, unless you're on a 200 day challenge.
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have you ever set a trap for anything? forget bear. what have you set traps for and actually killed? not store-bought traps, but snares you've made and set? how many dead falls have you ever made?

can you describe in detail the number of animals you've trapped, the kind of trap you used, and how you killed them?

that's the sort of thing that would look real good on an application to the show. It would be better if you could actually provide proof of even just one....
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