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why gaf what the mountain men carried?

they had horses to help them lug around all of that inefficient crap.

My 3.5 lbs of BOB shelter/sleep gear is usable year round. I keep a heavy coat in reach for the 3 months of the year it's cold here as well as a set of long johns in the car. if shtf near or during the cold weather, that's all that I'd have to add and I wouldnt need debris or a fire down to 0F. Its never colder than that here. I'd not have to be lugging 10 lbs of pointelss winter stuff around for the rest of the year, nor count upon it not rotting and not being stolen by people, or eaten by animals/bugs, either.

You can no more follow my lilnes of thought than you could invent what Edison or Browning came up with. You dont have the needed brain-power.
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Is that "lilness" of thought really illness of thought?
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You are very funny sometimes. You talk about mountain men having horses to haul around useless crap by pointing out you use a car to carry around useless crap.

You keep saying you won’t need a fire because it doesn’t get below zero there.

It might be wise for you to do a little studying on hypothermia.

You can find yourself behind the curve quickly, stuff happens, things are not always in your span of control.

You make all these claims about how it’s all going to work, but you’ve never actually tried any of these things you claim.
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