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keyboard< = leg press 1000 lbs, punks.

and it doesn't = draw and hits (open wear) on 25m torsos in 1.5 seconds, average, either. :-) Just because YOU would need entire days to just re-type what I've posted here does not mean that I need much time at all in which to think of it or type it.
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Just more jibberish as usual.
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Pictures please otherwise nobody believes you.
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You’ve posted the 1,000 lbs thing before.

What, exactly, do you think doing that accomplishes?

You’re not building endurance, you’re not doing cardio. It’s not going to make you a better hiker or runner.

So what is your goal in doing these?

My core/lower body workout includes leg presses. I’m working on strength, endurance, and doing reps. Reps are important if you’re planning on using the muscles for anything other than lifting weights.

I do sets of 10, for 5 cycles through the gym. Any time I do leg work, I also work on flexibility with high knees, high kicks, low tiger stretching, and other exercises.

I do this with hiking, rough terrain, and carrying a heavy pack in mind.

So, again, what are you trying to accomplish?

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