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adventurers, hunters are MOBILE

they have to use a warming fire, unless they have pack animals or dog sleds to haul all their stuff around for them. The Alone show people are stuck in a 1.2 mile radius of where they are dropped off, they get FIVE layers of warm clothing, to include 2 hats and 6 pairs of wool socks. They can make a poncho, leggings, breech clout, mittens and booties out of tarp and tape, in one hour. That's a 6th layer. They can have 5 layers of dry debris between those 6 layers of clothing. Also, they can have the 10x10 tarp (not allowed to cut it up) and if need be, a layer of the 20x20 tarp, both with many inches of debris between them.

There's zero need of a warming fire, or a sleeping bag. even if you dont have the igloo. if you have the igloo, you have the 150 sq ft of the tarp lean to fold into layers, stuff with debris and tie around you, too. Since they didnt convert any of the 20x20 tarp into netting, they could have had many layers of tarp and debris, but lacked the brains to do so. They are not allowed to cut up the 10x10 tarp, but can do so with the 20x20.Nodody's had brains enough to do so, tho. Not knowing how to use a sealed shelter and insulation dooms them to starving out a month earlier than need be, cause they are stuck with having to process and haul wood. They dont even know to avoid having to split or cut logs to short lengths, by keeping a siberian fire lay OUTSIDE of their shelter and using it to heat rocks. Then use the rocks to warm their sealed tarp shelter. When you dont know to take the reflective 12x12 tarp and the tape, you really screw yourself over.

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