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make an oval 2.5 ft long handle for the e-tool

and it's a pretty good axe, actually. Make a similar one and it's a hatchet-matchete. Make a 6-7 ft long handle and it's a spear/walking stick. With a 5 ft long handle, it's a stand-up/use shovel or paddle and much better for chipping thru thick ice than any axe. Drill two holes thru the blade near its top for some cordage, and you can lash the head to a right-angled forked sapling and it becomes an adze/hoe/rake. or weed-whacker. With the oval handles, it's much less tiring to use as a chopper and your strikes will be far more accurately delivered. The cylindrical handle is very poor for such use.

I'd not put the saw edge on the shovel but for the alone show, since it saves a pick. Far better to have a small vise grip, some saw blades, a small cold chisele and a Gerber multitool for the BOB. The Crunch multi-tool is too expensive and limited for the the BOB. It required a lot of work to modifiy it as the ideal second tool for the ALone, show, but you can avoid all of that by having a small vise grip, chisel, file. for the BOB. and save $50+ while you're at it. If you have to have somebody else modify your shovel to have 8" of saw edge, it's going to cost you $300. Ditto the mods to the Cruch. So that's only practical when it's going to help you win a million $.

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