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Old 11-18-2020, 10:59 AM   #1
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alone show, you're not homesteading.

any structures you create must be torn down after the show, per agreement with the Native Americans. there is zero reason to have more than a simple tarp lean-to and later, an igloo. You can't be wasting early days on such bs, when you need to be catching 100's of lbs of fish, before the lake freezes up, between day 40-50, depending upon where you are on the lake.
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you do know that sometimes they put them in actual camping spots - right?

and that they are never very far from roads or civilization, or each other for that matter.

you should take the time to read up on the "behind the scenes" blogs and post that are out there. People have looked at satellite photos and have seen the myriad trails that they could use to link up with each other if they wanted to.

And that they get daily health checks, have a bunch of gear not listed or shown. Also there's been some winners that were never shown

One guy lived pretty good catching salmon.

it's a tv show created for entertainment. it is not real survival.
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Old 11-19-2020, 02:06 PM   #3
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you're fos. Nobody lived good on salmon. they get WEEKLY health checks, not daily. I never said that they were in the wilderness. there is no gear not shown. some of them find stuff and they are allowed to keep what they find, if it doesn't confer too big of an advantage to the finder. A boat is considered to be too much. I've read everything about it, and watched every show and vid about the show. 10x more than you have, believe it. They forgeit their shot at the show if they so much as speak to any random passerby. it's WORSE than real survival, cause they have to film everything that they do, at LEAST 8 hours per day. The horrible part of it is not being able to leave a 1.2 mile radius of their dropoff point. So it doesn't matter what they are close to. Your ignorance of all these points is enough to show everyone that you're just another blowhard.

One guy was doing ok on lake trout, season 7. but he was stupid and didn't boil all food until it fell apart, so he got trichinosis. He was stupid enough to leave his food stockpile where a bear could steal it all. He didn't have all that much food, could easily have hung it over a line stretched between two trees, in bags made out of tarp and tape.

There's a list of the side gear that they all are given, another of the clothing that they are allowed to take. there's a med kit and emergency food. If they break into the emergency food, they are off of the show. They get an airhorn, bear spray, or flare, two of the three. they get a couple of tarps, the GPS and sat radio, a life-vest, couple of other things that I dont recall. that list was not provided for season 7, but it's the same one as for other seasons, so it can be found on the net. Everyone takes at least 3 completely unneeded items (ie, ferrrod, sleeping bag, cookpot) and at least 4 inferior picks, paracord, gillnet, belt knife, bow, axe, saw.

There's nothing "unreal" about what they have to suffer-thru/learn to do. A lot of people ARE weak about being alone, but that part iS played up too much as is the "danger" from big animals. I would jump for joy to have a bear, cougar or wolf come into my camp. I'd be eating whichever type of animal it was. To hell with their damned rules, if there is any about such things. I'd check in advance and get my OWN "subsistence permit' like the indians and eskimons get. and let them think that I caught enough fish to not lose any bodyweight.

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And Melvin's fantasy continues...…………………….
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Old 11-19-2020, 04:53 PM   #5
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I went back and looked, it’s every few days, after about 30 days. So I stand corrected, but it’s more often than weekly as time goes on.

Also not all shows are aired, and one of the ones not aired, the guy walked a couple Miles and lived on salmon. Plus they don’t show all the stuff people find, bottom line it’s a show.

Still waiting for Boati to apply, but I doubt he’d make past boot camp, and if he is on disability, then they won’t let him on for medical reasons. So it pretty much is a pipe dream fantasy for the man without a yard to do anything he has claimed to have done.

Someone is definitely FOS, but it ain’t me...
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Old 11-19-2020, 05:51 PM   #6
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Yeah around 20years of listening to his fantasies off and on when he's not at club Fed.

The biggest problem is even though we are in the information age is some uninformed dweb trying some of his stuff and getting hurt.
Either kippered to death on a hiking trip or blown to pieces on either bad reloading of gunsmithing advice.
Old 11-19-2020, 05:52 PM   #7
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So obsessed with a TV show that's not even real life. Instead of watching why don't you try it? Your not exactly busy, so put your gear together and go out and try it. Post where your going and if your not back in a week I'll call somebody.
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