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Cant tension a springpole, dummy?

the non-lethal end is set atop a stake, at whatever height you need, The spring-pole itself is cut as long as you need to get the 3 ft of movement you need to clear an ox or moose's skull (from the front, by passing his antlers) to include the 6" of protruding wooden stake. The tensioning is provided by either notching another stake, set between the lethal end and the other end., or by passing some cordage between two stakes and having the pole be under that cordag. then, when the lethal end is raised, and set onto the safety pole (a forked one) LOTS of spring tension is applied. A cord goes from the lethal end of the springpole up over a tripod of poles, with a couple of promitory pegs forming the trigger. Careful to never get under the springpole, remove the safety pole and the trap is set. When the critter pushes the pegs out of its way to get to the bait, it gets a stake embedded into its brain or spine. With 6 of the stakes on a 6" square made of 1" sticks. With this set up, you have a shot-gun effect, greatly increasing the chances of one of the stakes cleanly killing the critter.
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The question is can you? Let’s see you do it...sorry, have to wait for you to get a yard first...then you’ll find some other excuse.
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