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Dont take even 1 item others have taken

on the alone show, without at least modifying it. While I do agree with taking a projectile weapon, it should be a slingbow, not a regular bow. I agree with taking the fishing kit, but only if 24 of the hooks as as big as allowed (ie, 7/O size) and one of them is a bent sewing needle, like they let Fowler get away with. I agree with taking the snarewire, IF a small part of it is copper electrical wire, used with the head lamp battery to start fires.

The other 7 items that nearly everyone takes, the gillnet, the paracord, axe, saw, sleeping bag, ferrorod, cookpot, you are much better off without. The saw edged Cold steel shovel is much more useful than the axe and saw put together. the modified Leatherman Crunch tool is many times more useful than any belt knife. The 2 person rope hammock is worth 5x s much as the gillnet and paracord put-together. You can make superior substitutes for the little cookpot out of baked-clay and adequate substitutes for the sleeping bag.

You can stone boil in a tarp-lined pit until you can make the pottery. When you take the 5000 calories of pemmican, you can have 3 meals of 1600 calories each and a fair amount of bait for the trotlines. The first few fish are not worth cooking. Just cut them up and use them for bait. So you have nothing to cook, most likely for a week, as you make netting, the pontoon raft, etc.

If your early nets or the trotines really produce a lot of fish, ok, bake them on a flat rock, or you can spit small chunks of fish, on a stick and kebob them if you dont want to bother with stone-boiling them. You'll have stone boil your drinking water, tho and you'll have the tarp and tape. I would not want to boil my drinking water in the same tarp/pit that i'd used to cook fish! So make another pit.

If you are in ketosis 3 weeks before you launch, gorge yourself on protein and fat for 2 days before you launch, you wont need a meal until day 3. Then eat another 1600 calories on day 5, and 7. So you wont be hungry, really, until day 9-10, and by then, you'll have enough netting, the raft, the chumlines, etc, to have caught lots of fish
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