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u all "know' so MUCH more than me ,

but you'll almost never start a new topic about anything. Why is that, hmm? Others here want to know. Are you chicken****, or is it the fact that you DONT really know anything?
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What’s so important about starting threads? Hint: nothing
I don’t get any status or gratification from starting threads. That’s a silly metric to even think about. If that provides meaning or worth, it’s pretty sad.

But then you can’t even stay on topic or post related things in the same thread. I guess that takes too much discipline and effort or something. Whatever it is, you clearly lack it.

Nobody wants to know why we don’t, except you - which is weird.
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It's all about a artificial self-esteem boost to him.

Thread starts and post counts no matter how repetitious the subject.

Hence the line from The Ballad of Gunkid-"200 posts he'll make today. The Same Old **** as yesterday."

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