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it's just stupidity to use a warming fire

when you dont have to. All that work and exposure to the cold, wasted time, breathing smoke, when a sealed shelter and enough insulation and clothing would have made the fire unnecessary. Ever time you swing that axe, you take a chance of breaking the handle, cutting yourself, or chipping the blade. Especially when standing on ice, exhausted, in a blizzard, frozen wood, etc. So why do it? It's not necessary. The Innuit handled -40F without fires in their igloos, and without sleepging bags. too.

When you dont need to cut and split and haul a cord of wood per week, for 14 weeks, you dont need the axe or the saw. The saw edged E tool suffices, and that saves you a pick. Not taking the sleeping bag saves you a pick. This lets you take the 12x12 tarp and the duct tape, which let you create the sealed, double walled, insulated lean to. By taking the 12x12 tarp as half reflective and half clear material, you'll always have the OPTION of heating rocks to put under your raised wooden bed as well as the OPTION of aiming the one way projected heat of the Siberian fire lay at the clear, vertical wall of the tarp lean to. The double wall of clear PEVA will let in the radiant heat. It's reflected by the metallized surface of the tarp, and trapped by the taped seams. The debris between the layers of tarp insulate you with the trapped air, the taped edges of the chunks of tarp assure you of that.

You dont need to cut the trees to length for the Siberian, or split them. The only time you need to split any wood is if the wood for your Alternative Swedish torch is wet. Then you have to quarter-split ONE 10" log. You wont have to do that more than half a dozen times, at most, cause it's too cold for rain on great slave lake after the first couple of weeks from your launch. It's no big deal to make a primitive shelter (later an igloo) good enough to keep your wood (mostly) dry, since you'll be burning at most 3 cords of it, not 30 cords

The swedish torch and the Siberian fire lay will dry themselves out, since you need only ignite part of them. The swede suffices to ignite the Siberian. The Siberian forms its own shelter from rain and snow, because the flames undercut the ends of the logs, where they overhang the crosslog. Those charred ends are easily re-ignited the next time that you want a fire. So you dont have to burn an entire swede to do so. You can extinguish the swede with dirt and use it again.
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I guess it would be too hard to keep all the alone posts in a single thread, where it would make sense...
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Someone apparently has no real clue what the purpose of an igloo is for vs a basic ice/snow shelter.

Unless he's using the term to cover every ice/snow shelter.
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people understand that an igloo is free standing, walled snow shelter. Then I dont have to explain that it's not a quintze.
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Prove it Melvin, make a video!

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