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A map, used properly can show you where game is likely to be found, show you natural travel routes, and where potential water holes are.

For hunting or survival, this knowledge is incredibly useful.

Before a hunt, I study topo maps, satellite maps, and look for areas that could hold game. I look for good sources of water with certain terrain features leading to and from.

Then, using the maps and info from studying them, I go scouting to confirm what the maps say and make adjustments based on vegetation and water.

Beats randomly stumbling around every time
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Old 11-18-2020, 04:43 PM   #22
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randomly stumbling around every time

That sounds like Mel!
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"What if's" don't apply to him, because he's magic. He's the gun guru who never touches a gun.
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City slickers only use a map and compass?


Oh ain't that special.

Again what guarantee you are going to be confined to only your AO all the time? Hmmmm?

What if it's over run and you are forced to relocate?

Oh well typical. He can't do it so "no one" can do it.

And the references to the native Americans sounds like Chief Walking Eagle of the Fugawe Nation is at it again.
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And maps can show you likely ambush points, routes that give you more options to avoid your enemies, whoever they are. Maps can help you identify obvious routes that you can take or avoid.

You simply donít know how to use a map, thatís all. Your blustering and weird excuses donít cover this up. Youíd be better off staying quiet about maps.
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Originally Posted by Dorobuta View Post
What does a map and compass or GPS have to do with traveling in a straight line? Thatís idiotic thinking, and shows a complete lack of knowledge or understanding.

Explain what they have to do with straight lines - this should be interesting.

Lack of map and compass skills is the mark of a city slicker. Any outdoorsman worth his salt can at least read a map.

What happens if you canít go out the way you came in? What if you have to leave an area via a way youíve never been before?

What if your bug out location 10 miles away is destroyed, occupied, or inaccessible?

For some one claiming to be a survival expert, you seem to lack a couple of skills. Basic land navigation is something everyone should have if theyíre going in the wild.

You realize that you are asking Melvin to think outside the box, don't you?"
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Originally Posted by boati View Post
I've learned lots of things in 10 minutes that you couldnt learn if you studied them for 10 days. That's just how it is. NOt a single native american or Innuit had a map or a compass. What idiot has not personally learned his chosen area? I'm not out there to travel in straight lines, or meet anyone or get to any given place in any set time period. I know how to get there the same way the indians did. your gps, map and compass wont show you where enemies are in the way. and that's what matters. Basic was 50 years ago and thy didn't teach it. They taught it in AIT, but we didn't get to practice it and I've never had any need of it. Nobody's dropping me in any place by chopper I remember how I got there and I nearly always go back the same way. I aint dumb enough to live where I have to go more than 10 miles to a suitable BOL. You city slickers have that problem. i do not.
here is a segment of a route I'm going to follow, using a map and compass. I deliberately didn't include more, because I don't want to give away my hunting area too much.

notice anything about the path?

I don't see the map and compass requiring me to travel in a straight line.

I planned this route using a combination of topo and satellite imagery. I'll be starting from the tank and heading to that peak. Where I plan to spend a lot of time glassing.

Planning stuff like this increases my odds of finding game and avoiding other hunters. I know where I am relative to the roads.

but only a city slicker would fail to grasp the value of maps. Even in an area you know well, you may discover pockets that can hold game or other resources that you've overlooked. But you have to understand how to use the maps and how to apply them to your area.
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Old 11-20-2020, 08:39 AM   #28
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I'll adjust the route as needed to account for things like cats claws (hate those plants), overly steep terrain, and any rockslides or other obstacles not shown on the maps.

and in case anyone is wondering why I'm going on the east side of the hill, vs the easier west side, the west side is where I'm anticipating most of the game to be. I'm trying to avoid disturbing them as much as possible. So I'm going out of my way, and traveling a little more difficult route. Plus I intend to stop and glass into some of those canyons to my west.

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