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when the ice gets really thick

there's going to be a problem , which might mean that you can't net fish the last month or so. If you have floats and weights to keep the net hanging vertically and keep open slits in the ice, the nets will have to either be established in the deepest water, or you'll have to move the set up further and further from shore as the ice thickens.

wiki says that the ice needs to be 4" thick to reliably hold up a 200 lbs man. and that different types of ice have different strengths (duh) as a 150 lb teenager, i've walked across ice that was 2" thick. I think that a lot depends upon how wide the lake is and how deep the water is under the ice. If the ice "gives" enough to create a possible shear factor, thats going to be worse over deeper or wider water and such water is of course going have less thickness of ice in he first place.

You need 16" or more of ice to drive a loaded semi-truck across the lake and they do so for months, so the ice gets thicker than that and might well be several feet thick at its worst point in the winter. its' not likely to be much of an issue on the 100 day challenge, but it might be ruinous for the 200 day challenge. Scoring a big animal is thus probably going to be necessary for the 200 day challenge. However, you'll have more time in which to do so, and the fish will give you the energy to be seeking out such critters.
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