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the entire point of the Alone show is to work smart

not hard. You need to take it easy, not get hurt, not stress yourself so much that you cant sleep, get sick, etc. There's nothing strenuous about weaving netting or fishing with nets. It's the stupid hauling and processing of wood several hours per day, every day, that's exhausting, dangerous and therefore stupid. It's unnecessary if you've got adequate clothing, debris and a sealed, reflective shelter, which they CAN have. The fact that it never occurs to the me to make an igloo shows you their level of "experience" and intelligence. Even if it doesnt snow 2" deep, the supershelter is warm enough without a fire for all but the last 50 days, and half of that, all you'll need is large, hot rocks under the raised wooden bed,

4" circle is 2" of radius, squared, that's 4x 3.14 is 14 or less. 10" long log is 140 cubic inches, x 5 logs is 700 cubic inches. A cubic foot of wood is 144"x 12. 1700 cubic inches, so the Alternative swedish torch is less than half of a cubic foot of wood. You need 1.5 swedes a day, so a bit over a cubic foot of wood per day, x 100 days. or you can say 8 4" OD logs, 10" long, . or a 4" log, 7 ft long, lasts a day. You need 100 such logs.. Now, if you leave the logs say, 14 ft long, you need to make 15 less cuts. That is what you save by using the siberian fire lay and just push the ends of the logs into the fire bit by bit. you'll need a bit more wood that way, since you wont get the rocket-stove effect of the swede, which burns the wood gases. You'll probably need to burn two logs at a time, in order to get enough heated surface area and coals to do the cooking/boiling. So figure twice as many logs will be needed. You need a 14 ft , 4" log daily. 100 of them, You can make a little rope harness and drag two of them to camp at the same time. So every 2 days, you''ll need to put in an hour of wood hauling and processing. If you need the fire for warmth, while you're not in the sleeping bag, you'll need 5x that much work. So you save half a day's effort and risk every day, by doing it my way. Pretty stupid not to do so, eh?
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