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it's only difficult cause they're stupid.

if you go with the "gotta have a wood fire for warmth" bs, you'll starve out. It's that simple. There's ample proof that you dont need such a fire. That means you dont need the axe or the saw. When you make a hatchet and axe handle for the Cold Steel shovel, you make them oval. That relieves stress on your hand and lets you strike where you intend. All you need in the way of a fire is an alternative Swedish torch every 12 hours, to boil water to drink and to cook. that is just 4 logs, each 10" long. and 4" OD. Each torch will burn hot and clean for about an hour, which is plenty of time in which to melt ice, boil water, and boil meat/fish. You only need to boil the gallon of water once. You can then let it nearly freeze in the pot and pour it into a snow mold. The next heating of that ice only needs to be warm enough to let you drink the melted ice You only have to cook the food once, The next heating of it only has to get it warm enough for you to chew it. So you'll only need half of the second Swede.
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