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I just use 4 logs. a 5th log, if the wood is wet, gets split into quarters. all of the logs should be from a dead standing tree, of course. Simply cut some saw kerfs into the end of a 10" long log, quartering it. Then baton wooden wedges into the kerfs, splitting the log without risking your cutting tool. split off the center, wedge shaped corner of each quarter of the split log. That will be dry wood, even if the outside is soaked. convert those splits into shavings and feathersticks. If the 4 logs are wet, peel the bark and wet exterior wood off for 1/3rd of the circumference of the logs. When you bundle the logs together, ascertain that the peeled sides are toward the feathersticks in the center. ignite the bottom of the featherstick center and when the flames come out of th top of the Swede, set it on 3 small rocks, so that air easily gets under the assembly. Because of the chimney effect, the swede burns the wood gases, it's hot, clean burning, and easily ignites the expose ends of the Siberian fire lay's logs. You do NOT have to have big logs for the siberian, either. You can swiftly have a "wall" of 4" OD logs, by stacking them between 4 stakes. you dont want that wall to burn, so pile dirt in front of it. of course you'll need more of the 4" logs than you would 8" logs and you'll have to move them forward more often, over the wall, so that there's fuel for the fire, but that's no big deal.
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