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note all the clothing is not part of your 10 items. There's other gear just given to you, too, like a couple of tarps, life vest, air-horn, bear-spray. If you size all of that clothing to be worn at once, with dry, soft debris between the layers, you'll be OK sleeping at 0F, just laying on the ground, wrapped in the 10x10 tarp. Inside of SEALED (taped up tarp lean-to) double layered, with debris between the layers of tarp, made from the (optional) 12x12 tarp, youll be laughing at 0F temps.

You should be on a raised wooden bed, on a foot thick pile of debris, with more debris between your outermost clothing nd the tarp-made poncho, leggings, and breechclout. You'll be very warm, as long as you're eating enough to let your body generate metabolic heat. You can also fold the 10x10 tarp in half, stuff it with dry debris, fold it in half again and tie it around yourself. GUARANTEED to handle -40F, inside of a debris-stuffed igloo or dugout shelter. No fire and no sleeping bag needed at all for warmth.

So they are ALL wasting a pick on the sleeping bag, and wasting a month on processing/hauling firewood and making debris shelters. use that month and that pick wisely and you'll easily last 100 days. The claims about the isolation messing with you are just bs excuses for not knowing how to feed themselves. I've several times spent 5 months in solitary confinement. Nothing to it, actually, as long as you have enough food. With pebbles or ice-balls to use as "ammo" for the slingbow, I can entertain myself endlessly. They let you take one spare rubber band and you DO have to know to warm the rubber bands with your body heat, or you'll break them in the cold.

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Melvin, if your so good at this why haven't you been selected?
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The dream world fanasty continues.

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