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The Alone people COULD last 30 days longer,

with just a couple of minor changes. They all 'think" that they have to have a sleeping bag and a fire for warmth. that's not true. The Innuit had no warming fires in their igloos at -40F. They only had a large oil lamp for cooking now and then, and a small oil lamp for light. They had no wood to burn out on the ice, no debris for insulation, no raised wooden bed. and obviously, no modern sleeping bag. The alone people only have to deal with -20F or worse for a month, at the most, and below 0F only for 2 months at most. in their 100 days. So a double walled tarp shelter will suffice for 50 days, altho you might need to use the hot rocks under the bed trick after day 40.

Once you get 2 inches of snow, tho, in one day, you can make an igloo and then you can handle the coldest weather without a fire. You CAN have a fire on the ice, by having some small crosslogs on other logs, debris on this setup and then dirt on the debris. This gets the fire up off of the ice and lets you heat up stones, if need be. A proper igloo requires a 2x2x4 ft cold air sinkhole at the entrance-flap, half in and half out of the shelter. This gives cold air a place to go, while you stay up on your snow platform, or on your raised wooden bed, when you have one.

This way, you only need a fire once a day, for boiling a gallon of drinking water and cooking a REALLY big meal. The meal wont freeze for quite some time in your shelter, so you'll have 1-2 hours in which to consume your 2000+ calories of fat and protein for the day. Once an igloo's interior ice's up, it's no longer good for your insulation, but you can have a spare igloo for your gear, firewood and to have the fire inside for cooking. then you dont have to worry about breathing toxic gases while you sleep.

by making an ice-igloo for a food cache,10m from your home-igloo, with snares, vertical jungle whips and treblehooks (all baited, of course) to guard it, The animal noises will wake you up and you can then arrow the would-be thief of your food.

If they ALSO know to use the saved month of time and calories to make 2000 sq ft of netting, the chumlines, the pontoon outrigger raft, the big game snares and vertical junglewhips (all baited) The fish will feed them while they wait on the traps to catch a big animal. The fish probably will get them thru 100 days. losing 20-40 lbs Adding a caribou, or a couple of wolves to the mix will guarantee that they lose no weight at all
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The next installment of this nightmare will be renting igloos to ex cons because the slumlord scheme did not work out as expected.
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