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you do NOT have to find a deposit of workable clay (or do without). There IS workable clay in any shoreline mud. You just have to know how to separate it from the dirt and gravel. So it takes you one entire day to make the two 1-gallon clay cookpots and the 100 baked clay balls as ammo for the slingbow, so what? After that, you are saved having to boil and cook 4x per day in that little metal cookpot (2 qt)
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hth they can call themselves "survival instructors" when they can't even make netting, pottery, a Kocchanski supershelter or an igloo? Now can you not see that saving that 3-4 weeks of calories and time as making a huge difference? Both of the women came within 20 days of getting a clear 200k. To have lasted 80-90 days out there and go home with nothing, cause you didnt even know as much as all boyscouts knew 60 years ago! wow.

  Arms Locker > Arms Locker > Survival

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