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when I escaped, it snowed on me.

after the nearly-worthless kid's summer sleeping bag got soaked it WAS worthless. I woke up with snow on me several times. I had nothing to put undr me, or over me. I just laid down on frozen ground and slept. 15 miles of RR tracks per night was that exhausting. Living on Peanut butter, Tang and oatmeal doesn't exactly fuel the metabolic heat-maker, either. I lost 10 lbs in 11 days. But the Alone people have MUCH more clothing, CAN have dry debris between each layer, CAN make a poncho and leggings out of a tarp, can wrap the 10x10 tarp around them, with debris between those layers, too, and they are convinced that they "need" a debris shelter with a fire inside of it, and a sleeping bag, at a mere 0F degrees? wtf? i know damned well that if I had all of that, a SEALED double walled tarp shelter, with dry debris in between the walls, a cold air sump-hole, a raised wooden bed and a pile of debris on that bed, that I'd need neither the sleeping bag nor the fire. When it's colder, you'll have the two inches of snow needed to make an igloo. Igloos are famous for being 50F degrees warmer inside than outside and completely block the wind. So, even if it IS -40F outside, it's warm enough inside of it to not need the sleeping bag or the fire. So wtf would you waste a week on making a debris shelter and 2-3 weeks hauling and processing firewood? Since you only need 3 cords of wood, not 30, why bother with the axe or the saw? The saw edged E tool suffices. when you only use the fire to boil drinking water once a day, and cook once a day.
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Was this when you escaped the halfway house by taking the bus to your buddies house, and hid in the basement sucking back peanut butter and tang until you surrendered to the meter maid?
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This is a joke, right?
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1st post, yes, 2nd post no.
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Melvin's brain must be truly not firing on all cylinders. He NEVER escaped from Federal custody. Long ago when he made his claim of escaping from USP Terre Haute, I had a Friend check Melvin's central file which document's every part of his stay in Federal custody. NO escape, ever. He was released to a half way house and didn't show up but quickly reported upon receiving a phone call from the U.S. Marshall's office. He wasn't a threat or important enough to send a Deputy U.S. Marshall to collar him. Just a phone call was all that was needed. He forgets that I know his entire history when he was incarcerated in the Federal system. All his tales of derring- do are made up in his head. The peanut Butter and Tang thing surface in his stories a lot. Apparently you can live for months on just those two things./
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Originally Posted by Dorobuta View Post
This is a joke, right?
Nope it's real, at least in Melvin's imaginary little world.

He's repeatedly posted this stuff for the last 20 years.
That is when not a guest at Club Fed.

Yep Big House Melvin's Big Adventure...
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So he never escaped from anywhere, he is a convicted felon, and he posts on a gun board.
Ok, it us starting to make sense.

So the odds are pretty good he hasn’t done any of the gear testing he claims...
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Originally Posted by Dorobuta View Post
...So the odds are pretty good he hasnít done any of the gear testing he claims...
I expect he's done some testing, but in a substantially less involved manner and less extreme conditions than posted.

Think junior-high lunch room bragging, basically.
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Originally Posted by John in AR View Post
I expect he's done some testing, but in a substantially less involved manner and less extreme conditions than posted.

Think junior-high lunch room bragging, basically.
which is why no pictures, which would expose the truth...
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I wrote this back about 12 years ago;

History of Gunkid

I was asked recently what I know of Gunkid, as it appears he and I have a long history. Here's what I have learned throughout the years;


Inmate Information for JOHN MELVIN DAVIS

Inmate Register Number : 84034-012


Age : 54

Race : WHITE

Sex : MALE

Date Released : 7/6/00

The first time I met Gun kid, was on the now defunct "Bug Out Board". This was his own site prior to going to jail the last time back around '97-'98 or so. At that time it was his fantasy that if the balloon ever went up he was going to jump on his life raft and float down the Mississippi. Being that he would be in the middle of the river, he was immune from bullets fired at him. His resupply plan was to shoot innocent people in the back and steal anything they had in supplies so he could survive. The trip was to be from Illinois to Louisiana where he was going to sell his services as a hired killer to any local warlord! He was living in the back of his van at that time and during the winter depended on his Mylar blankets for warmth. Mind you he did ask for suggestions to stay warm. While he was sleeping in his van, someone snuck in and stole the battery while he slept;

-He has abandoned family members (daughter) in the past and if the balloon ever goes up, he has stated his wife is on her own;

- He allegedly had a 2 year IPSC career 30 years ago, still thinks he's a top hand yet the few competitors who remember him indicate that he chokes under pressure. He boasts, of his prowess, but can't provide any facts;

-He likes to allude to a magnificent IPSC shooting career. There are no records of his exploits. However, there are complete records of other competitors scores, shot in the time frame he claims to have been a competitor.

-He does believe that IPSC shooting is reality and that's how life will be if the balloon ever goes up;

-He claimed to have shot with the South West Pistol League in the middle 1970's, yet John doesn't even remember Peter-the-Power-Meter. Ask Hard Ball, he remembers Ol' Peter. Gun Kid knows none, of the old line, 1970's era, SWPL shooters;

-Well, we do know that Gun kid managed to shoot two people. Of course, they were both him. He shot himself in the foot with a .22 then poured scalding water over his foot as he couldn't afford to go to a doctor. They second time he allegedly shot himself in the belt buckle with a .45. He has admitted to at least a dozen accidental discharges on various boards;

-Gun kid joined/was drafted into the Army in 1971 where he became a Military Policeman. He was shipped to Korea where he admitted that he slept on guard duty and beat the police dog that he was responsible for. He received an early discharge from the Army after 1 year 7 months. He has not divulged the reason why. One can only speculate;

-He has been arrested on numerous occasions, once by a meter maid, once the police phoned him and he turned himself in. He has been a drug dealer and made cheap ineffective silencers. The 13 plus years he spent in jail indicates he isn't the most successful of the criminal breed. He suggests that the way to be a successful drug dealer is to have kids sell your drugs as they can't be arrested, same with selling silencers. While in a Federal Gov't Release Facility, he "escaped", thus adding years on to his parole. He "escaped" by walking out the gate;

-Gun kid has 3-4 bulging discs as a result of hurting himself while he had a porta potty job. He doesn't believe in hiking just in case he hurts his knees and ankle;

-He currently collects SSI from the government and allows a woman to support him, yet he complains of others sucking off the government;

-Gun kid claims to be the biggest baddest survival guru on the planet, yet:

Gunkid has admitted the following

1) Can't completely clean an AR which he touts as the "ultimate survival rifle"

2) Can't use a map or compass, therefore they are useless;

3) Can't understand why people buy quality gear because he looses his during his half day field exercises;

4) Doesn't own a watch cause he doesn't know how to use one in a survival situation,

5) Tech knowledge on suppressors is 40 years old,

6) Backpacking knowledge is based on fantasy, and has only minimal knowledge of what equipment is required to survive successfully in the bush over an extended;

7) Believes that a good sleeping bag is a waste and Mylar can cover all your outdoor sleeping needs;

8) Tactical knowledge is non existent "The Army didn't teach me nothin"!, and simply declares that everyone else will be standing around in the open all the time

9) Scared to shoot at something over 100 yds, because after that distance all hits are based on luck

10) Your SHTF kit should only weigh 25-30 pounds, including 4 pounds of body armour and all your firearms and ammunition

11) the debarked Chihuahua is the best survival alarm you can have

12) a .223 fired from a 10" barrel is the ultimate weapon and is useful up to 300yds, but only when used with a suppressor because he has a severe flinch when shooting without one. As he has this problem he projects it on everyone else;

13) the assault wheelbarrow is the only item you require to transport your kit if the balloon ever goes up! Things like Trucks, 4x4's, quads, horses, pack mules, dog sleds, etc are stupid;

Claims he's going to get a website that's going to make him $300,000, $50,000, $45,000, $30,000 a year depending on which lie he's typing at the moment -- for over a year. When he finally gets it up, all it is, is his regurgitated posts, written under a false name since he can't use his own, he's sullied it so bad, and has to have a "guest writer" post articles that are word-for-word the same as the ones he posted under his pseudonym.


1) he cannot accept that there are people who know more about all these things than he does;
2) he has almost zero social skills and threatens and attacks any who disagree with him;
3) he will challenge everyone, but will fail to accept his own challenges;

4) he refuses an all-expense paid trip to watch someone prove themselves
because he's, well, scared!
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