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thought of a way to trap the fish in the "v"

of netting under the ice. have the slits for the end nets, but you can't have full slit connection across the mouth of the v, or the ice might break off with you. So leave 3 ft of ice between the slits at each corner and in the middle of the mouth of the V. Have the nets connect under the ice. . Then go pound on the ice, and wave the shovel around thru the holes, scaring the fish into the 3" mesh side nets, or the 1.5" mesh seine that's stretched across the wide end of the "v" of netting. Given a v that's just 20 ft wide near the shore, and 50 ft wide at a point 40-50 ft out in the lake, it woild not take many fishing holes to stir up all of the fish in such a small area, and they'd end up caught in the gillnets. Having 2 different sizes of mesh would help a lot. Sometimes I think I'm brillant, and other times, I KNOW it's so. :-) with all of the baiting going on with the bait bags on the nets and the baits on the treblehooks, there's always going to be fish inside of the V. Now that i know how to ensure that most of them will be caught, it's a piece of cake. After several haulings of the nets produce nothing, it'll be time to again open up the outer end of the V of netting. This way, you'll catch at least 5 lbs of fish per day, which is almost enough calories to not lose any weight. You might even get the average to 10 lbs per day. The average before the lake ices up and you are using the seine, is going to be over 30 lbs of fish per day, for at least 20 days. Then 5 lbs per day for 50 days and you've got the 100 days in the bag. In fact, you could continue this thruout the winter. I want a 200 day season with 2 million as the prize. Then we'll know who is what.

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