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thought of a way to ensure braining a big critter

with a stake on the alone show. Bait a V shaped brushpile, inside, at the apex, with salted cambium (if for ungulates) or fishheads/guts. Bait the area of an obviously active place first, Once they are taking the baits, build the brush piles, wait a week. after they are again taking the baits, install the springpole, triggers, stake-box, etc, and approximately position them, but don't tension the springpole or set the trigger. Wait another week. When they are ignoring the trap parts, THEN set the trap. Have a 6" sq box made of 1" green limbs. Position 6 stakes around the corners and center of the box, having them protrude 8" Make them triangular in cross section, bladed, serrated, fire hardened. Use a springpole that requires all your strength to set, using both legs to push it up, catching it with the forked end of the "safety pole'. Set the trigger, ease the springpole down on the trigger, remove the safety pole. have the last couple of feet of the "v' be made of driven stakes, so the animals can't just push aside the brush. Thus, you make him position himself where one or more of the stakes either strikes his brain or his spine.
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I've actually done this.

Well, I've read about it; and according to you that's the same thing...
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I've made one of these also. Mine has a suppressor.

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