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gold buffaloes are a $100 each mistake

if you've got people you trust who''ll get the gold eagle for you. One per address, apparently, but you get it at spot price it's an introductory offer, but of you've got some real friends, you can give them $20 each for their trouble and save $80 per oz gold coin bought this way.Knowing to do this lets you also buy the tester tool, which shows weight and size, enough to let you sell it at shows, flee markets on craigslist Peole are happy to pay only $50 over spot, instead of the $100 over spot charged by a coiln dealer So you stand to make $130 per coin, even if the price of gold doe not increase. You've probably got enough friends and relatives to make a fast $1000 in this manner. You only need 7, plus the one you get personally.
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I get that a lot of people turn to gold in times of uncertainty, but usually it's a mistake because when people are prone to do it is when the price is already up. That's true of most attempts to time the markets (regardless of whether stocks, commodities or bonds); they usually don't work well.

For perspective, this is the price of gold over the last 20 years:

Over the last 20 years, it's up. Over the last 10 years, it's up. And over the last 5 years it's up. This works out well for people who already own it, but think of it in terms of other goods. With the price of ammo being up just as gold is, it bodes well for those who already have it on hand, but mathematically it would be a poor time to be buying a bunch strictly for investment purposes, which is what gold purchases usually are.

If a person needs ammo now, then they should buy it, but because the price is so high, it's a poor time to decide to start buying more than you actually need, just for investment purposes. And that's true even considering the fact that ammo has a functional use, which gold doesn't unless you encounter another person who is willing to accept it.

Not making this just a gold-vs.-guns thing; the math holds true regardless of the commodity. Say that price chart was for pickup trucks or iPhones instead of gold - same thing holds true. If you have an actual need for a pickup truck or iPhone, then sure, buy one. But at this point in the chart would simply be a bad time to stock up on pickup trucks or iPhones for investment purposes.

Mathematically, from an investment standpoint this would be a very good time to be selling gold rather than buying. To each his own, and if you want gold buy gold. But investment-wise, it's a very poor time to start using it as a short-term investment. (And fwiw, you and I are both past the time to start new long-term investments; unless it's meant to benefit someone else, which I doubt is the case.)
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Food and reloading components are the things that should be stockpiled at this times as we have no idea of what problems the next 6 months of this covid shutdown will cause.

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