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dummies on alone show

just stood or sat beside ONE ice fishing hole, with ONE single barbless fishhook, out in the wind, at -20F, catching one 2-3 lb fish every 2 days. :-) they were losing at least 1/2 lb of bodyweight per day with that "strategy".

build an igloo on the ice. A quickie one can be built in a day. Or set up a supershelter out there, with the 10x10 tarp, debris around and under you, the poncho and sleeping bag around you. Why not make 16 barbed treblehooks, and tipup devices at each hole, to set the hooks for you? Why not get out there as soon as the ice is 1" thick, cut those holes and slits for baited gill nets, When you LIvE out there, it's not much trouble to come out of the shelter every couple of hours, remove the snow and debris that protects the holes and slits, break the 1/2" of ice that might have formed, check and rebait the hooks and nets. go back into the shelter. Make a bough sleigh to pull your stuff out there and leave icefishing stuff out there in the shelter.

Have a pile of debris to lay upon, or make another raised bed. Have some logs and dirt so you can have a fire. Take some hot rocks and hot coals, buried in ashes, so you can reheat those rocks. the camera light or fire light will probably draw in more fish. If you can't catch an average of 5 lbs of fish per day, it's not worth being out there, cause that's just 1700 calories. They were averaging 400 calories per day and wasting 1500 calories by being out in the cold wind. DUH. And one girl made it 80 days, another one 90 days. With this strategy, they'd have split the million $ price with the guy who made it the entire 100 days, He got a luck hit on a musk ox with his bow. and made a lot of stupid mistakes, but the 200,000 calories from the ox gave him the win, regardless.

Just knowing how to make a proper shelter would have got the 90 day girl over the finish line. She stupidly froze one of her toes.. HTF do you do that, when you're not allowed to be more than 1.5 miles from your base-camp?
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Talk is cheap Melvin! What have you done in your life, that makes your advice credible?
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I notice all this critical advice is from someone sitting on his backside in front of a computer, warm and toasty, eating Welfare food. Why not get out there and show everyone how it's done? I'll bet you haven't been off a sidewalk in decades. Seen this lately?
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legally taken in season? Not poached?
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I’d really like to see pictures of all the testing he claims to have done. I’ll be happy to post more pictures of my gear and some of my camps....
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