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if Alone entrants made their supershelters

double layer tarps, including two layers of clear PEVA, as seated-reclining setup, they could use a lot less tarp. the double layers create trapped air, making the shelter much warmer By making some pottery, you dont need the cookpot, so that frees you up to take the -40F sleeping bag. this means you dont need a fire at all. Just an igloo after you get the 2 inches of snow needed to make one. This savings on sheltermaking and wood processing gains you a month's worth of calories and time.

Just knowing to make tipup devices, use 16 fishing holes and treblehooks, slits in the ice for baited nets, an igloo and the sleeping bag for the icefishing will gain them at least 50,000 calories. Paired with the shelter improvements, that buys them another month of staying power. just stay out there, with some logs and dirt to make a fire, to reheat the hot rocks that they should take with them. They only go about 1/4 mile from their base camp, so they can make a bough sleigh and drag the needed stuff out there. Just leave most of it in the igloo, and not bother to haul it back and forth.

The baited shoreline, the pontoon outrigger raft, the baited net weirs are going to mean catching 600 lbs of fish in the month you'll have before the lake freezes over (after 2 weeks are spent making the raft and netting). With all those fish guts and the salt, you'll be able to bait in a lot of fish with a lot of perforated bait bags, tied to floats, all tied to a line strung out into the lake, and anchored. In effect, you're CHUMMING a big segment of the fish population to your nets. The fish will bait in bears, wolves, wolverines, and the salt will bait in moose, musk ox, caribou. Use a vertical junglewhip to drive stakes into the backs of their heads, or into their spines. Catch one big critter and you only need half as many fish.
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