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season 7 alone winner is a complet a hole

he wasted so much time and energy on building a stone shelter that he felt compelled to shoot a musk ox in the ass at 35 yds, and only had ONE arrow. Despite the fact that they cannot be more than a 15 minute jog from their camp, he made that critter suffer for FIVE HOURS before it went down by the hind legs and he FINALLY gathered up enough balls to stab it repeatedly with his knife. Too damned lazy/dumb to have cordage with hime (on a hunt, now) make a bola and lash his knife to a pole, ensnare its legs, and stab it with the spear. Then he had to leave some of the meat out all night, couldn't get it all back to his shelter. Pure luck that it didn't have wolf saliva and piss all over it. Looked really good to the anti-hunters in the 2 million viewership, just great.
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Melvin, he lasted 100 days, still had part of the musk ox left and won $1,000,000 dollars. I don't think as a skilled Alaskan guide that he really needed your advice. Besides if you had watched the entire season you would have realized that while stone shelters do not burn, sometimes those built of wood do.

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