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boati 07-03-2020 10:19 AM

3 weeks into alone show, 3 entrants are gone
and at least 3 more have almost certainly already blown their chances at the win. One cause she didn't have her bow when she got a 10m shot at a moose, the others from having devoted too much precious foraging time on building heavy duty shelters that they dont need. (cause they can make an igloo in one day, easily) An igloo is the ideal winter shelter. Of the three that are gone, one was from an injury, one from getting sick (probably from an improperly-cooked squirrel) and the third, who was the first to wuss-out, from losing his ferrorod.

the prize this year is 1 million, split between any who make it 100 days. This is the first time that the second place person got ANYTHING, so it's probably going to be a longer season. So far, it's been 56 days, 66 days, 86 days, 76 days, 60 days and 75 days.

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