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boati 07-02-2020 06:07 PM

the gay looking guy got hurt, Alone show
and one of the 2 women blew her chance at winning it already. Because she didn't know to make a shoulder harness and carry the 30 lbs of camera gear like a pack, and to take a slingbow and some 2-3 pc takedown arrows, she had no projectile weapon when a moose appeared within 10m of her. 600 lbs of meat, 600 calories per lb and 60 lbs of fat, 3000 calories per lb. 540,000 calories and you have no way to harvest them. DUH! The prize for lasting 100 days is a million USD this year, and that moose would have let her eat 5000 calories per day, just sitting around her camp. Set the record, no weight lost at all.

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