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one Alone contestant wussed out in 10 days

couldn't figure out how to get wet wood to burn, even WITH a ferrorod to help him and then the goof off lost his ferrorod. With something that vital, why would you not have it on a lanyard AND in your pocket?

If you know anything, you dont need to waste a pick on the ferrorod, the cookpot, the axe, the paracord, the sleeping bag, the gillnet.

If you keep taking the same gear and doing the same things that's always resulted in starvation, all you CAN do is starve. The odds of your having a moose or caribou on your little 5 sq miles of alloted space are near zilch and then your odds of getting one with an arrow are poor. They'll come thru at night, etc. So you need to set junglewhips or foot-snares for them, so as to wire-cable them to drag logs. If the critter gets off of your allotment of land, it's not yours, so the jungle whips, with bladed, serrated, barbed fire-hardened stakes are the best bet. They will cause massive blood loss, making the critter stop within 100m dragging that 200 lbs of log.

You can't use gear that you aint got with you. You need 20 items, not just ten. So you can't be taking stuff that you can make on site substitutes for. There is no substitute for the 12x12 tarp, the net hammock, the gorp, the 3 lb block of sea salt, the duct tape. Nobody has figured out that they can make 2 small fishhooks out of one large one, given the visegrip of the Crunch multitool, the snarewire, a charcoal fire and a couple of rocks. The same setup lets you barb your hooks, making them 3x as effective. they wont let you take barbed hooks anymore. Make 16 treblehooks and set them for predators. The net weirs will be catching the fish and fowl. You can use the hooks for trotlines and fowl-catchers while you weave the netting, of course. Every predator you eliminate is 100 more small animals/birds for you to catch. and if the drag log works, you can eat the predator, too.

For 100,000 years, this sort of thing was done without metal tools or pots, and they had to last 30 years, so as to get the next generation going, not just 100 days. If they last 100 days this season, they get a million $. That's well worth doing a lot of suffering for.

The tape does a lot for keeping you warm, cause it will seal your tarp shelter, minus a couple of tiny holes needed for ventilation, naturally. Pile up branches,brush, debris and dirt outside of your shelter, to block the wind. That can be quickly and easily done and you wont need it for the first month, anyway. The foraging season is precious and you can't be wasting that time on creating a heavy duty shelter. If you know how, you can make an igloo with just 2" of snow, in one day. The Innuit families would be naked in their igloos, sharing body heat that the snow reflected back at them. With debris stuffed inside with you and a couple of pits in the floor, each with a head sized hot rock in it, you dont need the sleeping bag.

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Originally Posted by boati View Post
...If you keep taking the same gear and doing the same things that's always resulted in starvation, all you CAN do is starve.
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

There's a real life-lesson there. Just sayin'...
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Old 06-20-2020, 08:30 PM   #3
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Melvin, it is entertainment, NOT real life!
Old 06-20-2020, 09:26 PM   #4
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It’s certainly not real life, but when it constantly frustrates and agitates a person the way it always does him, I don’t see how it could be considered ‘entertainment’ either.
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A contrived survival soap opera.

I can't remember the exact year but there was an actual drama series or mini series. Can't even recall the network.
Based on a Survivor type reality show called Siberia set in of course Siberia. Starts off okay then everything starts going horribly wrong.
It was I admit stupid and naively done.
But because of that funnier than all get out at times.
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I would like to see any evidence that Boati has or even can do any of the things he claims are so easy to do. I’d be impressed if he could demonstrate them under field conditions.

But we can’t even get trash bag pictures...
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Old 06-21-2020, 11:01 AM   #7
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Or ones of the pack he was using to ruck wheel weights or whatever in.
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He's been asked to back up his claims with proof for 20 year, nary a picture has ever been produced. To be fair, some of those years he was a guest of the State. I once asked him to post a picture of the boot's he was bragging about. That's all, just a picture of a pair of boots. His excuses were: I'm not spending money on a camera to please you guy's. I have all the pictures but don't know how to post them. I'll get around to them in the next couple of day's. My cell phone doesn't have a camera. Your never going to see anything because it exists only in Gun Kid's mind.

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