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boati 05-28-2020 06:25 PM

Alone seaso 7 starts thurs, June 11
i've looked at a list of their gear and unless they get lucky with a moose, they are all going to just starve, like has been the case with all 60 prior contestants. I"ve been in regular touch via email with a past contestant and have been told that baited traps are a no no. if so, it's unenforcable. wtf they gonna do, search your 5 miles of woods every day? :-) Htf would a cam or drone tell if a place was baited with a bit of fish or gorp? Just cause you're catching lots of stuff proves nothing. they visit you once a week. So by the time they reaize that you're not losing 'enough" weight, 2 weeks, minimum, you can have all kinds of food preserved, man. Maybe 200 lbs of fish and game. With that much food backing your play, you could settle for just jungle whips on game trails, and a seine. Even tho fish CAN see a cordage gillnet in daylight, they can't at night and it's dark half of the time. So it's still going to be productive. HTF would you know that I baited a net weir? The catch will have consumed all the bait within a very few hours. You're not likely to even find my weirs, since i can easily adjust the weights and floats to have the floats be a few inches below the surface of the water. They get to bait fish-hooks, so what's the diff, anyway.?

Garand 05-29-2020 06:07 AM

Melvin, have you been paying attention to the previous 6 seasons so far?

boati 06-02-2020 05:47 PM

I"ve seen all the yt clips about them, yes. Abysmal performance by 90% of them and nothing special by the other 10%, either, other than as to toughness, Which I grant that a dozen or more have shown HIGH levels of. I've seen the gear chosen by all 10 this year and it's going to be more of the same. Starvation because they dont know what to take or do. I've been told that you can't use baited traps, which is a total crock. The medical checkup teams come once a week to swap out your video cards and batteries,and check your vitals and weight. Once you tell them that you've set junglewhips everywhere, are they going to be roaming around out there checking for baited traps? :-) It aint like you're going to have 50 lbs of corn to put out there for ducks, or 30 lbs of fish guts with which to bait in gulls. So even if they did send a drone out to check on you ,the odds of them finding out would be near zero.and it's a bs rule (if it actually exists) I was told about it by a past contestant, but that person has been wrong about several other "rules". It's unenforcable. Now, they can tell that you're not losing weight as the others are, but how to know that your unbaited traps and nets are not doing that "well"?

Garand 06-03-2020 06:27 AM

Melvin, it is for entertainment ONLY, with a long list of rules that have to be followed by the participants, which would not be the case in a real world scenario. There is nothing realistic about it at all.

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