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$ tree garbage bags measure 4x 2.5 ft, very thin

You CAN baton with the $ tree knife, to cut green saplings, for the shelter and the raised wooden bed if you take it real easy, going no faster than a beaver would chew thru the same tree. :-) Or you can spend an extra$1, total of $6, to last 3 weeks, leaving the garbage bags in the bag configuration, fot a lot more strength vs the wind. Only 6 bags come in the pack, and that's the store brand. If you want the Hefty brand, only 4 bags are in a pack.

By using saplings to make a frame for the shelter and to make the raised bed, you need to make less cordage out of the bags. You also make it possible to use bundles of green or damp debris under your debris-bed, smoking it out well vs bugs. Ditto putting hot rocks under it for cold weather comfort.

Tomorrow, I intend to make some cordage out of one of the bags, using the $ tree knife, and make a big pump drill out of that braided cordage. I cut the wood for it today. One could always spend another $1 and get some lighters, another $ for cordage, The bread pan is awful thin, So another $ for a second one, and another $ for some bleach, and dont boil water unless cooking. So, spending $10 at $ tree to get set up, as vs $5, for a 3 week outing, would make your life a lot easier and more secure. I did the $5 thing just to demo what could be done with superior knowledge, a lot of effort and less comfort/certainty in your shelter/sleep gear. . :-)

Nearly everyone on YT doing this does so in nice weather, so they are already cheating. I"ve never seen anyone try it with less than $20, either. or for more than a weekend, usually just an overnight. All you'd need for an overnight, even in pretty bad weather is the garbage bags and a lighter. You can just wear one of the bags wrapped around each leg and another over you like a poncho until you find at least half of a natural shelter.

With a big fallen tree still held up in the air, an, undercut creekbank, etc, your shelter is already half-made for you. You dont need to do more than weight down a couple of torn-open bags over a such a tree (with space under it.) Lay a torn-open couple of bags under you. Get into 2 more bags, stuffed with debris. Stake them in place. Cut a strip around the "mouth" of each of two bags. Use those strips to secure two debris-stuffed bags around you.and exercise your way thru a night.

You can also build a Siberian log fire for its one-way projected heat, Such a fire can handle a pretty heavy rain and if it's raining, it's not all that cold. Another option is to create a digging stick and create a Dakota fire pit, Which you'll need anyway, eventually, to heat rocks and take them inside of your shelter with you.
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You'll be posting pictures of course.
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As cheap as cameras an phones are anymore you would think Mel would have tons of pictures an videos everyday! I have an extra Canon he could have if needed.

With all the money "Wifey" is going to make he should have a studio full of equipment.
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Originally Posted by boati View Post

With a big fallen tree still held up in the air, an, undercut creekbank, etc, your shelter is already half-made for you.
in bad weather, a creek bank is probably not a good choice.

I still would like very much to see your set up.
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The alternative is to use an actual lightweight tarp designed for this type of use. I'm not talking about the blue cheap tarps - though they do work, but an actual quality tarp.

A good one will weigh about the same as your garbage bags and hold up infinitely longer in harsh conditions. a couple of stakes and a trekking pole, and you have a shelter you can set up just about any where.

After reading a couple of reviews of 'carbon fiber' stakes, it occurred to me that they were basically arrow shafts cut down with an end-cap you could hammer on. I'm going to start salvaging damaged arrows at the archery range and see if I can't build some. Should be more durable than the lightweight aluminum ones I currently use, and stronger for about the same overall weight. I can use the saw I use for turning .223 cases into 300 AAC cases.

I have no problem with re-purposing stuff, just make good choices.

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