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Alone show entrant told me no baited traps allowed

and not allowed to trap predators. Well a guy ARROWED a wolverine, so what's the diff? the critter's still dead. Who's to say what you set the trap FOR, anyway? Maybe the rabbits there like fishheads, after all. Every predator you get rid of, via the suspended and baited treblehooks, or the vertical jungle whips, is another critter YOU get to eat that he wont be needing. How would such bans be enforced, anyway? You can vary how much weight you lose by 1/3rd-1/2 lb per day by working a lot out in the cold wind, or by staying in your sleeping gear. So who's to say how you're maintaining your weight? It's not a survival challenge if you restrict how you can survive. It's a game.
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Originally Posted by boati View Post
...It's a game.
There you go; it's just a game. When "Survivor" first came out probably 20 years ago, I was looking forward to it. Less than one full episode into it, it was obviously not what I hoped it was going to be, so I simply didn't watch it anymore.

Sounds like that might be worth considering with "Alone". Seems pointless and even frustrating to waste time on it since it's obviously something you don't find entertaining or educational either one.
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I started watching "Survivor" from the beginning and after four or five episodes I told my Wife it's entertaining, but not survival. On a handful of rice your not going to be performing all these physical challenges. You can go a long time without food, but you won't be jumping walls and swimming any great length after just three or four day's of that diet.i

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I watched the 1st season of Survivor strictly because one of the contestant was a plank owner of one of the Seal Teams, nothing after that. Melvin how many times do we have to tell you that "alone" is set up for the participants to fail, it is entertainment, nothing else.
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It is a game. It has rules. Don’t like the rules, don’t participate. TV shows are entertainment. They rarely, if ever, reflect reality.
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oh, there's lots to learn, mostly about what NOT to do, for those who "think' that they know. I never have watched it. I have never owned a TV. I just look at the clips of it on yt.
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I learned about making the treblehooks, about removing the handle from the Cold steel shovel, a couple of other things. Mostly, tho, it's been a source for me to think about and do research elsewhere, which has taught me quite a bit.

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