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hiking / outdoor wear find.

We visited our son in VA over Christmas. One of the days we went to a Duluth Trading Co. store. I'd never been to one, as they don't have them in my area yet.

Picked up a couple pairs of pants: The Dry on the Fly and the Flexipedition ones.

Pricey, but I'm convinced they will be excellent for hiking and general outdoor use. Seem to be well made and durable, plus they don't hold moisture. They are both flexible and available in a variety of colors.

They are sort of tactical without looking tactical. Look good enough for every day wear, but tough enough and made out of materials suitable for outdoor use.

Not cheap, but I think this is a case of your get what you pay for...
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I wear Duluth's 'Firehose Flex' pants literally every day; at work, at church, in the woods, every day. I used to wear Carhartts, but since switching to Duluth pants in 2018, have been extremely impressed. They are expensive, but they're nearly as tough as carhartt but are a lot more comfortable and with a lot less 'hickory nut crunch' when driving.

We were in Houston over Christmas and I went to a Duluth store for the first time while there, but ended up not buying anything at the time.
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Now that I have some, I'm more likely to buy on-line. I hate buying stuff without having some first hand knowledge of it. (I know you can return stuff you buy on-line, it's just a hassle)
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They have a store up in Rogers Arkansas that I need to check out.

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