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18F degrees, 2 SOL bivvies, plastic outer bag

and home depot's superior absorbent bag. I was on the sleeping bag, inside of those 4 other bags. I could have slept at 25F degrees. It was a bit too cold on my legs at 18F in office clothing. I could thrash around and get thru the night, but it would have been a no rest sort of thing. However, the total weight for those bags is 1 .25 lbs.:-)

the bags need to measure 4x 8 ft, if you're 6 ft tall. Other than under you, every place the bags touch you is a cold spot. I tried a ridgpole (pvc pipe) and it's definitely better than a ridgeline, so you'd have to cut a sapling if in the woods, or at least, tie the ridgline to something higher above you than the handle on the back of my driver's seat.and the buckle for the back seat's shoulder belt

It iS warmer to be in the seated reclining position than to be laying down flat, and on your side, even if fetal, is colder. A nearly airtight seal is essential, Air eaks are very bad news with this system. Because you have no baffling, the air is free to circulate and "find" any leaks. There was no wind and it's 88% humidity. i'm using the springclamps, since I"m not yet sure what combo I will use in the final makeup of the bags..The zippers are a LOT handier for entering and exiting the bags, especially with your boots on. The boots catch badly on the absorbent drop cloth and then tear it easily.

For the homeless, lacking the springclamps, the bags need to be 9 ft long, so that you've got the extra material needed to gather, twist and tie off the " mouth" of the bag

You DO need to leave your nose and mouth outside of the bag. I'm not yet conditioned to the cold and i had no drink or food after the night's sleep. A hot meal and hot drink might well have let me fallen asleep, at least for while, at 20F degrees. Or with the beanie, neck gaiter, gloves, , extra foot wraps, netting around my legs, net hammock around my torso, and longjohns , I'd have been ok sleeping for sure at 20 F, even without the food and drink, and with those, or some hot rocks/water bottles, at 10F.

The "dusty" looking side of the Home depot absorbent drop-cloth, I had outside, and I dont know if that was best. It wont stick to blue masking tape or scotch clear tape waf. So I'll have to re-do the taping, on the other side and try it again, with the dusty side towards my body. I'll tie the ridgeline to the top of the rear vent windows and the head rest this time.

No noticable condensation inside or on the absorbent bag. There was some inside of the mylar bsg, of course. 2 full hours.
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Again I ask, what is your life worth? An important question when choosing gear. Remember a 2nd place trophy is death. At least you are starting to think about other kit you would require. Many years ago as a young soldier, I spent 6 months in Egypt during the winter, by January when we went on duty at night we were being issued Arctic parkas because it was that cold in a desert at night.

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