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2.5 hours, 23-26F degrees, 99% humidity

7 mph wind, 2 SOL bivvies, the absorbent liner, on a sleeping bag, outside of the bivvies, doors open on the van and fully zipped up and with the double layer of russian foot wraps, the bugnetting around my legs the hammock around my torso, all inside of my longjohns and cammies. Polypro beanie, neck gaiter, and glover liners. Did just fine. :-) The SOL 2 person bivvy is 5 ft wide by almost 7 ft long. I made it a foot longer and a foot narrower. works, much better now. The 3 ft wide plastic bags were too narrow and since they lack a zipper, need to be 9 ft long, so you can roll up the open end in several small spots and tie them off. I'm going to add an 8x8 ft hunk of PEVA clear shower curtain, (zippered), to the mix, so that I can make a Korchanski supersshelter lean=to and so that there's one more layer of trapped air when all the gear is used in the bag-configuration. I"m going to try home depot and see if they have a more absorbent type of drop cloth. Wally's quite carrying my size and the lowe's version is not as absorbent as the Wallys was.

If you assemble such a bags inside bags kit, be sure to start with the 20 ft long ridge-line already inside of what will become your inside bag. Threading it thru after you are done making 4-5 bags sucks.:-) when you need to pack up, fold the bags lengthwise, making them 2 ft wide. Press out all of the air, and roll them up. You'll end up with a 9" OD cylinder, 2 ft wide. and it need not be put inside of your pack, cause it is unaffected by water.

You must tent the bags over a ridgeline, and keep your mouth and nose near the 4" circle of the breathing hole. Also, the bags must be gathered around your head/neck. Even with a neck gaiter across your mouth and a balaclava over your nose, the condensation from your breath creates big problems in 3-4 hours. The seated-reclining position really helps. With the day pack to lean back against, the butt pack to sit upon (both having partially inflated drum liners inside of them) and the armor panels under your legs, you'll be fine for sleeping at 20F with the gear listed above. Given the addition of the UCO lantern and execise, you'll be able to suffer thru a night at 0F., too. without a real fire. When it's colder than that, you can forget about hostilities, during the night, at least, and just have a Siberian fire lay projecting its one way heat at you. Just be long gone from that area by dawn,and you'll have little to worry about, other than tracks in the snowl, that is. The Korchanski-fire set up will let you sleep ok down to-20F. God help you if you're in colder conditions if shtf. If the sun shines brightly, the supershelter will warm up from -20 to +10-20, depending upon how much the sun heats things up. So you can exercise, use hot rocks or water, thru the cold morning and then sleep from 11 am to 5pm. Which is enought, since you're not doing much.

The siberian fire lay does not have to be made with logs that are 8" OD and larger. The cross logs can be a "wall" of 4" logs, build up to be 12" or so high, between stakes, short logs, big rocks (if the ground is too hard/frozen for stakes). Put dirt, or dampened green logs in front of the wall-logs, so that the wall doesn't burn thru and let your long logs collapse flat to the groun. You can put 8 of the 4" OD logs cross the "wall" logs, and then put 7 more such logs atop of the 8, and you'll have fire for several hours, on the projected ends of the logs, before you have to leave your shelter. and move forward the long logs., replace them, etc.

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How about some pictures of this [email protected]@ing nightmare. It does not translate to anything a sane human would ever dream up.
Back a few years ago conversion vans were popular, most of them had HEAT. Look around, maybe you can still find one but make sure it has a inside hood latch so they can't steal your battery again.

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If it is a fighting situation, then only a fool would bet his life that the weather would protect him from those that would do him harm.
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You aren't getting 99% humidity at those temps. The air loses the ability to hold moisture as the temperature drops.
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Originally Posted by Dorobuta View Post

If it is a fighting situation, then only a fool would bet his life that the weather would protect him from those that would do him harm.
Melvin has only participated in 1/2 day, fair weather exercises. Therefore it can be correctly assumed he has exceptionally limited knowledge of living in a geographical hostile environment.

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