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a GIRL on alone Season 6 finally figured out that

you're allowed to modify the multitool (Fowler did so a bit on season 3) But nobody's learned to take the Crunch tool for its visegrip, narrow the jaws at the tips, so as to make the "eyes" of the fishooks, after cutting in half the big ones that you can take with you. heat the end of the hook redhot first, of course. The end with no point, shape a point with two hard rocks, flatten it and file in the barb. Toss the phillips blade and the half assed file blade of the Crunch and modify some Nicholson files to fit the tool. Convert the take down screws to being "hand-taken down", with T-heads. Ditto the screws holding the handle in the E tool. Drill out the hole, fit larger OD screws, with T heads and weld nuts on the female threaded side, to increase the engagement of the threads. need to have NeverSeeze compound on the bolts as you weld the screws, tho. :-) modify the small flathead blade into an awl, so you can make the hole in the various handles for the E tool. The 4 ft long one will let you chop vertically down into the ice, instead of having to chop a 3 ft wide handle to get thru 2 ft of ice with an axe. :-) with a 2.5 ft long handle in the E tool, it's a pretty good axe and a fairly handle saw, if you know somebody who actually can make a saw edge for you (I know you're not capable of that). Condor sells an E tool with a saw edge, but they waste 1.5" of the saw length with a stupid can opener, so you'd have to re-do that area, Tig-welding in a 1095 bride and cutting saw teeth, off setting them, etc. So you might as well just slice off an angle of the corner of the Cold Steel E tool so as to have an 8" saw edge there. You can count on none of the E tools "saws" having offset teeth, so they'll be worthless.
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Show us a picture of the one you have modified.
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Never happen an never will.
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E-tool doesn't need to have a saw blade

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