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Old 07-27-2004, 12:32 AM   #21
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My main complaint with the Mini-mag is that it eats batteries.

Lately I've been using the 2AA battery version of the Brinkman Rebel. It is about as bright as a mini-mag but the batteries last 20x as long. The LED bulbs are totally shock resistant and have a burn life of about 100,000 hours. It also comes with a snap on red lens.

The main drawback to the Brinkman Rebel is that it is plastic, not aluminum, and I've already trashed one.

They are available at Walmart for about $15.
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Old 07-27-2004, 12:41 AM   #22
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Maglite LED conversions ...

Mike, you're a hardware type of guy. I have heard that there are LED conversions for Maglites. Do you know anything about this?
Old 07-27-2004, 06:11 AM   #23
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When changing the bulbs on my mini mag I use tweezers. I've been told that the oil in your hands have an adverse effect on the bulbs.
Old 07-27-2004, 06:35 AM   #24
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Garand, you might have something there. Those bulbs burn bright and warm. Most of the bulbs I've broken are when it was on for a bit and I dropped the flashlight on a hard surface, like a driveway when I was working on a car.

The bit difference for me on the LED flashlights is the stunning battery life that they have.

Bill, there is a very cool mini-mag addon I've been looking into. It's $20, made in Germany, and C-Crane might have it. It also adds a base with an extra red and white LED map lights in the base that you can turn on separately from each other and from the ultra-bright White LED bulb assembly in the front.
Old 07-27-2004, 07:59 AM   #25
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I've gotten disgusted with the Mini-Maglites. I had one that worked fine for years then replaced it with a newer one which never worked right and not just due to the bulb either. Spotty QC is what I've heard.

From now on it's the led CMG Inifinty if I want to carry a tiny flashlight.
Old 07-27-2004, 08:12 AM   #26
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The mini-mag in my ghb has been replaced with the LED "Rebel" also. I also don't like the plastic aspect of it (and I also have trashed one, go figure), but as my kit is oriented toward the short-term objective of "getting me home", not a nomadic life, the 'shorter' expected lifespan of the unit itself is acceptable to me, in favor of the longer (MUCH longer) battery life.

I was looking at an LED light at the 'sharper image' in Little Rock (killing time while getting my truck's tires rotated) last night; don't recall the light's brand or model. Aluminum, with five led's recessed into the front. Looked very stout, but used expensive, non-rechargeable lithium batteries. And being at the sharper image, it was naturally very expensive.

In addition to the (admittedly cheap) Brinkman LED light in my kit (with two pairs of batteries), I also carry one of my Stingers in the truck and sometimes my Strion; the new, smaller Streamlight rechargeable.
Old 07-27-2004, 08:40 AM   #27
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One of the things I've found emminently useful are the small Photon style button LED lights. They last a long time. I prefer the ones that have a small switch in addition to a squeeze button so it stays on by itself.

They are surprisingly bright. You can get them in both bright white and red. They are generally rated at about 10 hours of use.

I put them on those small, inexpensive little mini-carabiners and clip them as needed to my gear and/or clothes, like in a button hole of a shirt or a belt loop. They've come in handy during storm season as out here the power sometimes goes out unexpectantly at night and a person always has a light handy.

In the belt pouch of my Leatherman and in the pouch on my sheath knife I keep these thin, aluminum rod style LED micro-lights made by Coast. They are rated at 50 hours of use and they are extremely bright. They are about 1/2 the diameter of a pencil and about as long as my Leatherman is when it's folded.
Old 07-27-2004, 05:32 PM   #28
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Off topic, but WallyWorld carries a small AAA flashlight, Dorcy is the brand name. Its aluminium appx 3"X.75", and uses a single AAA. It will stay lit for 4 days if You forget to turn it off, and puts out quite a bit of light, Bonus is price less than 6.00$USD.
Old 07-27-2004, 06:31 PM   #29
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I like to keep all my electronics operating using rechargable AA batteries. That way I can use a solar charger and have the bonus of switching batteries from gear to gear if I run short or can't recharge them for a extended period of time.

Though you can get solar chargers to handle about everything from AAAA to 12volt batteries if you want.

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