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power goes off, towns have no WATER. nearly

everyone will have no CHOICE but to leave the towns, cities, in a VERY few days. They will have no WATER. Then the towns will BURN, so will the PINE woods,in summer, and the grasslands too,most likely. Millions of inept, starving, freezing, dehydrated people WILL make mistakes with fire,andthere will be neither water nor people to deal with the fires.

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I know, it's really a shame that no one was smart enough to build towns next to lakes or rivers.

Or that none of the water supplies are gravity fed any where.

Or that anyone would have their own wells and certainly no one would have solar panels or back up generators.

No doubt, that without power there will be problems. some cities will fare better than others. Some people will be totally unaffected.

People will adjust there won't be a massive die off, at least not like you keep hoping for.

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Just because others haven't prepared doesn't mean we haven't. Please provide a DETAILED kit list of the kit you have ready to go at this minute.
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A lot of country folk with their own wells also have hand pumps if it come to that.
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Hmmm. What will GK do when one of those inept people starts a forest fire in the area where he is staying. Without a map and compass, he will just run around in circles and become a crispy critter.


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its evedent

that his thought process is already crispy.SHTF is not something to hope for Melvin but it seems that you froth at the mouth for it.
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Oh I don't know about the whole run away thing, we have several modern examples of cities falling into armed chaos and folks tend to stay put with a much modified life style of course.

The problem with the run to the country theory is that it's no easier in the "country" in many places and the support grid is always city based. On the high plains of WY it's many many, many, miles between water sourses, I know it's the same in many of the western states and thats not taking in account harsh winters ect. No doubt some folks will bug to the country side, but history shows that city folks stay in the city.

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People stay where they are familiar with, often even more so when they are scared. It's a form of mental pacifier.

That and it's the FedGov's plan to keep everyone as buttoned down and as controllable as possible.

Phoenix, for instance, could easily be sealed off to the vast majority of those trying to get out with a company of soldiers and half a dozen armored vehicles.

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