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"NEEDING" to take big game, beyond 100m

(at which range the scoped CAR-15 can BRAIN such animals) is bs. You are stupid to let yourself be THAT hard up for flesh food. It's FAR easier to take fish, or livestock, and far more likely that you will encounter small game, decent sized birds (ie, pheasant, duck) and need a QUIET .22lr than need a 308. If there'sno man-pressure on the game,getting within 150m of a deer (and using sp 223 to ribs) is no feat at all, and braining an elk or espcially a moose or black bear, aint that tough, either. More importantly, are you "free" to take MANY days to jerk the meat of an elk or moose or bear? CAn you RISK the exposure, ESPECIALLY after making a NOISY shot, hmm? If there's men around, you can eat THEM, ya know,as well as any food they are carrying and use any gear, clothing etc that they have.:-)

So it's KID STUFF to "think" that you "need" a 308 for gametaking post shtf. Even if there IS any game, that is. You are many,many times more likely to have to use subsonic .22's in the AR's conversion uni( to keep from getting shot YOURSELF), than you are to need to take deer at 300m. There will be MANY times more (rifle- armed)DESPERATE, deranged,depraved people(post shtf) than there will be elk,moose, or bears, count on THAT.

A .22 unit can easily brain a deer to 50m, and getting that close to deer is no feat. You can bait them with salt, grain, etc, use a tree stand, a light, etc, and handle it neatly. Even if you have a family, and NO other flesh food, you only need a deer amonth. With the more likely small game,some snaring, a few gill nets, fish traps, trotlines, etc, the occasional dog, etc, you only need 2-3 deer a year, at most, and most of the country aint GOT moose, elk, or bears,anyway. Bear meat is like pork,need salt to keep it from spoiling.

If s ever REALLY hits the fan,you better be among the FIRST to pop somebody's cow, pig, sheep, horse, etc, and jerk the meat. While it's drying, you have to then be gathering several hundred lbs of grain, as well. When things get THAT out of hand, you have to either put first things first, or you perish, or at the very least, run unacceptable risks of putting your family thru total hell. Stumbling around in the brush, trying to be a nice guy, and take deer, etc, is just going to get you shot out of hand.

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A new post from the comic book king ...

Melvin tell me something, if you will! How do you know all of this. According to you, you have never done any of this at all.

So, Melvin, what knowledge base are you getting this from? Which comic book are you reading now?

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Unfortunately life isn't always the way you wish it to be. Please provide a detailed kit list of the kit you are ready to bug out with at this minute.

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