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Siefried put .5 mill .45s thru pair of 1911's,

in a 4 year span. Ball ammo dupes, with cast lrn 230 gr bullets, assembled on his Dillon 1050. He had the Colts rebarreled and the slide tightened at the 50,000 rd mark, both were still doing fine, 1/4 million rds later. He wanted match grade accuracy out of them, ya see. Full charge .45 ammo is a LOT harder on a gun than is 9mm ball. SEE if any .45 Glocks come CLOSE to the durability record of the 9mm glocks. :-) The same bolt wt and springs that a .45 smg beat to CRAP in one magful of firing, worked fine for many hundreds of rds. I had to pretty much sell each one as I built it, to get expense money, so I never got to shoot them more.

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My only Glock experience is with a pair of 9mm's, but I've heard it said more than once that all non-9mm Glocks are "under sprung". If true, that will definitely lead to premature wear.

Glad to see you agree on the durability of the 9mm Glocks, though...
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I don't agree that anything LIKE that much practicing is either necessary or even DESIRABLE. It eats up too much time that can be better-spent. You can only get so fast, and there's really no point in the beyond 10m crap, at all, or the more than 2 target stuff, or in much of it beyond 5 yds. 10,000 rds, properly spent, the first year of training, half of it 22, with lots of wax loads and dryfire, takes you as far as anyone has ever proven that they could go, when being SHOT AT. About 1/2 of that much,per year thereafter, is plenty to maintain skill levels, and yes I DO mean with either hand, in darkness, using light or not, on movers, etc.


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