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1000 rds fired, rifle armor on, still dead

(N Hollywood bank robbers). If they'd had ear protection, AIMED and fired 10 rds (or less) each, semi auto, they could easily have escaped, LONG before enough other cops showed up to prevent it. MISSING a lot is not the answer. You simply MUST either avoid contact (with groups greater than a dozen) or you must HIT enough of them, swiftly enough, in tactical conditions such that let you "break contact". You can't CARRY enough .30 ak rounds to let you keep spraying and praying, and you wont be able to replace them (quickly enough) So best just FORGET about that bs. It takes 6+ seconds to just 'empty" a 30 rd mag, and it takes more like 15+ seconds to HIT things, even very close up, with 30 rds. If you dont have cover within 2 seconds of crap hitting the fan, you will survive only by pure luck, when everyone has an auto rifle, and shtf, anyone who doesn't will be dead, in short order. The looter types will HAVE such guns, taken from the dead, in short order.They will probably also concealed body armor, too, within a few weeks of shtf, obtained the same way.

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30 rd steel AK mag is 3/4 lb

30 AK rds are 22 to the lb. So 210 rds, in mags, ready to fire, weighs 14.5 lbs, and the rifle weighs 8 lbs. :-) No pistol, ammo,mags, holster, no scope, no can, no bipod, no spare parts, no .22 capability, no concealment, no GI round, no mag pouches, and ALREADY too much gun wt and bulk. :-) The Viet Cong typically carried THREE mags for their AK's, 90 rds. Still a total of 14.5 lbs, which is quite a bit, in the jungle.

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Hey Poacher,

Can't you carry 400+lbs uphill in the desert sun during a summer heat wave for 500 miles in one day without breaking a sweat?

That's less likely than most of the other things you say....lol.

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Yeah, those robbers would've gotten away. Because police never give chase, and helicopters always give up.

BTW-I'm glad those two SOBs at the BoA shootout are dead.

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