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personally know of 3 guys hit with shotgun

blasts who were just fine later. John R was shot in the butt with a 410 shotgun, at about 1 yd from the muzzle. 2 blacks, whom I knew at TI, CA, were hit in the collarbone/shoulder area. both could do chinups until you got tired of watching, Wasn't any point asking them the load or the gauge, cause they'd not have known. Distances are often misjudged by 50% or more under lethal stress, too. But I saw the gaping, sunken in areas of their bodies, for a fact.

I likewise knew a guy, also at Terminal Island, who had a divot in his temple, where he'd shot himself with a .32 PPK (he claimed). Another black, at spld mo, had his entire forehead mushed, he said bya "30-30", but as likely to have been a 22 Marlin, since all lever actions were likely to have been considered to be a "30-30". He looked like he;d been frontally brained with a ball bat. Glancing blow, if it really was a 30-30, or 357, or .44, obviously

MANY guys, during my prison years, showed me their bullet scars. One 400 lber, "Tiny" had been shot thru the calf with a 7mm mag softpoint. It blew a 1.5" wide hole in him, but then he killed the 3 rifle armed attackers with a shorty AR and his LWC .45 (Glasers in the .45)
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