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justme 06-25-2016 02:05 PM

2 22's, AR, 2 9mm's which to sell, need $?
The others are HP22 (2 barrels) a Micro 9 Kimber, Tactical RIA 1911, and a Marlin Papoose. In this case, the AR would have to be the one to go. It would bring the most money and (currently at least) is the least likely to be needed. Once wifey's a Class A shottist, the 1911 variant could go (for a while, at least). Wouldn't let go of all the AR accessories, tho, unless the buyer wanted to pay more than the replacement costs, in order to get a "proven functional" package deal. Once have the Papoose set up with 6" barrel and telescoping stock, there' a lot less need of the silenced HP22. It would bring a fair hunk of money, but the need for the buyer to get a tax stamp would cut back the target-group of new owners. :-)

Garand 06-26-2016 06:57 PM

Pictures of "wifey" actually shooting please

justme 06-27-2016 06:15 PM

most likely, sell only the upper, that's what costs the most and the lower is the biggest pita to replace, especially if there's a ban (or fear of a ban). most of the goodies are on the upper, tho. shouldn't come to that for wifey, just thinking out loud and providing grist for the mill here.

mooosie 06-28-2016 04:59 PM

The ar has the prospect of being the hardest and most expensive to replace, I wouldn't keep two 22s.the kimber should get you a nice chunk of change and the RIA should not need much maintain.You should also understand that my opinion and a dollar and a half will get you a cup of coffee[emoji3]

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justme 06-28-2016 06:05 PM

welcome here, moosie. People willing to post here are rare, and those who know something even more rare, i"m sure you've noticed already. Don't think the Kimber is going anywhere, cause it's the daily ccw and the last ditch. The AR being the hardest to replace also means it will bring the most money, especially if there's ban-talk. Hopefully, all will be ok in August, a big chunk of change is supposed to arrive at that point and things aint (yet) so pinched as to induce seller's panic. :-) If it weren't for the jbt threat, I"d probably not bother with the 223 at all, actually. The $1000+ saved is far better spent on NVD's/armor.

.22 rifle would be mostly for the wifey. Even tho the AR is pretty lw, it (and enough ammo, and all the other stuff) is quite a load for her. The rifle can't do the pistol's job, (ie, fit in your pocket) and vice versa is not true, either. With the silenced .22 rifle, a 50 yd dove or quail is a pc of cake, even without the scope. For the silenced shorty .22 pistol, the same bird at 25 yds is "iffy". Given a 10+" barrel, and the 60 gr subsonic Aquila 22 ammo, the rifle will pierce the skull of some pretty big animals, to 40m or so. The pistol is marginal for such, even at 3m.

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