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u're nuts to swap ccw rigs, positions, guns

when it all hits the fan, you want your gun to just magically appear in your hand, (due to training and your mind being busy with other issues) you dont want to grab behind your hip, if today you're xdraw, you dont want to be trying to flip off a non existing safety, or forgetting to disengage one that IS present.

dont distract your mind by having to remember what you're using. your mind has to be evaluating hip shot with one hand, move to cover, are innocents in the way or behind the bad guy, do I have to brain him, use both hands, watch the front sight, or just point and fire? does he have buddies, who has a gun and who doesn't. ? who is closest, who is charging and who is fleeing?

anything that can be made into a conditioned reflex (like your draw) SHOULD be made so, and that's not going to happen if you have a "rotation" of guns, rigs, and locations that you wear them, unless you devote 20 hours a week to your draw practice, as I did for many years. EYE would not risk having different rigs or guns, so why would someone with less training risk doing so? only if they are ignorant, willfully stupid or uncaring. There's no reason to be any of those things.
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