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Always had a soft spot for a 2" Kitgun

took quite a few squirrels rabbits with it, even a few quail and doves. It would group 2" at 25 yds. But I shot and dryfired it so much (empty cases chambered) that the cylinder went out of time in just 6 months. Needed a new hand and bolt and careful fitting, which at, age 22, I had no idea how to do. Now that there are pocket autos that arre smaller, lighter and more accurate (ie, smith 2214, the kit gun is pointless, but I still miss it.
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Always liked the model 34, either round or square butt. Saved a lot of wear an tear on the 37s an 36s. Model 18 was always a favorite to go with a 15. Have a 17 that will never part with. Model 317 8 shot is not bad either, mine has the fiber optic sights that I am going to change hopefully today if they get here.
Had a Walther P22 with both barrels an all the goodies but the slide broke at the ejection port {very common problem with those if shot a lot.) One of these days might get around to sending it back under warrenty. Ford Perfect bought a plain one awhile back but will never shoot it enough to break. Gave him the long barrel an laser an other parts but he threw them on the bench. When they replace slide, going to get rid of it ASAP. Mag release is by pulling down on trigger guard, who ever dreamed up that F**ked up idea. Bought the dammed thing from a so called buddy that was selling out his gun shop. (You know who don't you John?)
Back to the J frame 22s, always thought a 22 with shrouded hammer like the model 38 would be interesting. Save wear on the on the 38s. But with the price of 22 ammo these days, can reload an shoot 38 spl. cheaper. Same with 9mm an 45. Got a load using a 105gr. SWC that shoots to same point of impact as 158gr. so that saves a lot of lead that I need for those 255 gr. 45LC an 250 gr. 44 mag. loads. An of course the millions of H&G # 68s that get used!
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guess you mean the guy in glenarm? He always was a shaky sort. I liked him anyway, but only if had an eye on him. :-) We used to road-hunt at night quite a bit, back in the late 70's. Youtube claims that there's lots of lead to be had at boatyards, from the keels of salvage boats. have to alloy it with antimony and tin a bit (for auto, especially 9mm)
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