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I like Shotguns

I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't care. My old Browning A-5 12 ga.Lightweight with a full choke for Duck and Geese, my Sweeet 16 for Dove and Woodcock, and a Remington 12 ga. Modified Choke for Pheasants. I also keep a High Standard 8 shot pump 12 ga. loaded with Turkey Shot an N0.4 Buck for critters, two legged or four. 18 1/2 inch barrel with rifle sights if I want to shoot slugs. Taking the field with my Labrador and one of these fine shotguns is one of my favorite things to do.
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I'm not a "shotgun guy" at all, but I don't have anything really against them. At personal-combat distances, a guy with a shotgun could kill me just as dead as a guy with a rifle or pistol. One of my sons is definitely a shotgun guy; made it to the state finals (skeet or trap; I frankly don't know the difference) in 2009 or so. One of my brothers-in-law won the world championship in San Antonio a few years ago as well. With a shotgun in their hands, it's stunning to watch what they can do.

I just never developed the skillset for shotgun and really have no desire at this stage; but there's no denying it can be an awfully good short- to medium-range weapon in skilled hands.
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I like diamond rings. So what?
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Originally Posted by nikto View Post
I like diamond rings. So what?
Well, the difference might be that I can (and do) own both.
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Me too, missing a pic of my Mossberg 590A1;


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